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Emergent Respiratory

Emergent PortO2Vent (1900-001)

Emergent PortO2Vent (1900-001)

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The PortO2Vent™ Oxygen Delivery System is a
gas-powered device that delivers non-invasive Continuous Positive
Airway Pressure (CPAP) to spontaneously breathing
patients who are awake and can maintain a patent airway. The PortO2Vent
Oxygen Delivery System delivers CPAP at operator adjustable levels
throughout the breathing cycle, independent of the patient’s inspiratory
flow requirements.

CPAP is an effective treatment


  • Reduces the intubation rate in CHF patients between 50-80%
  • Reduces the length of stay in the hospital (LOS)
  • Reduces the nosocomial infection rate
  • Improves patient outcomes
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