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Established in 2000, Emergent Respiratory L.L.C. develops, manufactures, and markets proprietary medical devices for delivering non-invasive ventilation therapy.

The company’s patented positive pressure ventilation platform incorporates proprietary “on-demand” pressure-balanced patient valves, single-use breathing circuits, and a line of proprietary masks for use as an early intervention to treat all forms of dyspnea (difficulty breathing) including CHF (Congestive Heart Failure).


Emergent’s products are utilized in a range of care settings, including emergency medical service (EMS) transport to the hospital, hospital emergency departments (ED), transport applications and alternative care environments.   

Next Life Medical announced it recently acquired respiratory products manufacturer Emergent Respiratory (www.eresp.com). Emergent Respiratory develops and manufactures clinically superior respiratory equipment and supplies for the pre-hospital and hospital markets. Emergent’s flagship product is the PortO2Vent, an advanced respiratory device that provides CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) and assists spontaneously breathing patients in prehospital and hospital emergency room environments. Emergent’s PortO2Vent improves patient outcomes by decreasing ICU admissions, decreasing exposure to infections, and ultimately shortening hospital stays. In addition, CPAP therapy has proven successful with patients because it is non-invasive, easily adjustable, does not require sedation, and is comfortable for users. Moreover, CPAP offers significant economic benefits to patients, emergency medical providers and hospitals by avoiding the potentially substantial healthcare costs of long-term treatment and potential re-admission cost.

Next Life Medical CEO, Chris Oleksy commented, “We are excited about our acquisition of Emergent Respiratory. Next Life Medical has a passion for helping both patients and care givers at the same time. We’ve been pleased to hear testimonies from care givers who endorse the ease of use of the Emergent proprietary products”. He Continues, “It has also been music to our ears when these same care givers tell us that their repeat patients say “give me that yellow thing”. That “yellow thing” is the PortO2Vent. Next Life Medical President, Ryan Oleksy Commented, “having served as a volunteer fire fighter, I know how important it is to deliver treatment that is both helpful to the individual in need and is done so efficiently and effectively”. He continues, I am thrilled that we own a company that does just that!”

For questions or more information on the PortO2Vent CPAP system, please contact Emergent Respiratory, LLC at info@eresp.com or 866-411-4368

Next Life Medical Corporation helps create the ‘Next Life’ for organizations or products from a supply chain, value chain or care chain perspective in the medical device industry. Where Next Life Medical is unique, is its’ passion for care givers and patients. Expanding upon traditional supply chain or value chain thinking, Next Life Medical expands into the ‘care chain’ to ensure that the value chain and the supply chain are aligned with the ‘care of the patient’ where one element doesn’t compromise the other.

Next Life Medical Corporation resides in Carlsbad California and has strategic care chain relationships with care givers, suppliers, manufacturers and 3rd party logistic companies and seeks to offer products that support care givers and patients alike. Additionally, Next Life Medical donates a portion of its’ profits to its’ charitable organization, “P4P” (Passion For Patients) which benefits and rewards individuals, or organizations that place patient’s needs first and foremost!