The PortO2Vent CPAP oxygen delivery system is an advanced respiratory device that assists breathing for sufferers of congestive heart failure (CHF), acute respiratory distress and other forms of dyspnea (difficulty breathing). The PortO2Vent provides CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) and only delivers oxygen on-demand, reducing the amount of oxygen that is consumed. The PortO2Vent has a built-in pressure gauge which shows airway pressure and acts as a safety feature to ensure that patients receive the correct amount of CPAP set by medical protocol

  • Conserves oxygen by delivering oxygen on the inspiratory cycle only
  • Handles flow requirements with ease, regardless of the CPAP Level selected, and will match any peak inspiratory demand while supplying a high FiO2
  • Built-in manometer displays real time pressure readings
  • Divert and/or filter exhaled patient airway from caregiver
  • Small volume nebulizer (SVN) can be used in line
  • Operator adjustable CPAP provides the ability to titrate to effect
  • Masks provide superior seals and comfort